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curiosity never killed bailey...

Milina Tennant. She's cool like that.

I'm Anna and I'm lovely and funny and I love to be inspired by everything around me so I can become more interesting to be around.

Stylesheet by snubbly
alcohol, alexis bledel, american apparel, anna wintour, apples, baking, ballets, barack obama, bass, being a bitch, being happy, being thin, bette davis eyes, bikinis, birthdays, boys, breathing generally, butterflies, butterflies in my stomach, caffeine, candles, caterpillars, catherine tate, cats, chocolate, city life, clothes, coldplay, compliments, dancing, david tennant, day dreaming, desperate housewives, dieting, dr who, dreaming, exercise, facebook, fashion, fear, feist, florals, flowers, food, friends, glee, glitter, golden colours, gossip girl, green tea, guitar, h&m, hair dye, handbags, hannukah armadillo, harry potter, hi, history, holidays, hugs, ice lollies, icon making, icons, ipods, italy, jeans, jewellery, katy perry, kissing, laptop, lavender, leaves, legally blonde, leighton meester, london, long phone calls, love, love actually, make up, making lookbooks, making out, metallica, midnight walks, miranda kerr, miss marple, models, money, muse, music in general, my eyes, my friends, my mother, my pa, nautical prints, newspapers, nivea, not france, not twilight, oscar de la renta, pamplemousse, pearls, people who aren't me, peppermint tea, perfume, photobucket, plums, portugal, pride & prejudice, quills, red lipstick, reese witherspoon, romance, running, santa claus, scarves, sex and the city, shoes, shopping, singing, sleeping, spain, speaking french, sports, stripes, summer, sun dresses, sunbathing, sunny days, swimming, taylor momsen, tea, teen vogue, tegan + sara, texting, the body shop, the sea, the zoo, umbrellas, united kingdom, vegeterianism, vintage, violin, vodka, vogue, walks, weed, writing, yellow, zebras